​An Escape Room Adventure

Golden Puzzle Room

​860 Tabor St. Suite 210     Lakewood, CO     (303) 396-7359

Find Clues    •    Solve Puzzles    •    Reach the Goal

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Business Card Puzzle

The Golden Puzzle Room has an amazing experience for your company team-building event, family gathering or birthday party. Inspire  camaraderie by solving puzzles together and then take some time to kick back and socialize in our party room. Our friendly staff is ready to make your party a memorable one.

Escape Game Card

Located west of Denver, the Golden Puzzle Room is a small group, escape room adventure game.  You and your friends, family or coworkers have 60 minutes to search the room for clues and solve puzzles in order to reach the ultimate goal. Keen perception and good communication skills are the keys to success and loads of fun!

International Association of Escape Games