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*This room is great for kids, families or adults wanting a beginner-level experience. (Some crawling on the floor is required.)

Rocky Mountain


First Mission Crest

First Mission

No one is in the locomotive cab and the Rocky Mountain Zephyr is rolling down the line. You are the only ones left aboard as it barrels down the track. Dispatch says you only have one hour before the train rolls through High Point Curve. A train going that fast would surely jump the rails and plummet down the cliff.  Can you stop the train before it gets there?

Greeting Puzzle Sleuths. The Alphabet Gang has challenged you to a puzzling duel! They have left a series of mysterious clues for you in the Puzzle Sleuth clubhouse.  Your first mission, should you choose to accept it, is to decipher the clues, reveal a secret message and obtain a hidden object. The reputation of the Golden Puzzle Sleuths is at stake. We need you to prove that there is no puzzle we can’t solve, no clue we can’t find and no treasure we can’t unlock.  Good luck.

The Emperor's prize possession,  the Nightingale of Immortality, has been stolen. Having asked you to retrieve it, your sleuthing leads to the Golden Tea House, where you wait for the tea house to close so you can sneak inside to begin your search.  Hurry!  You only have 1 hour to finish your search before the owner (and possible bird napper) returns.  Will you be the hero and save the Emperor or be caught and labeled a burglar yourself?

Rocky Mountain Zephyr

*Night Song image provided by Elisabeth Alba.

​*Locomotive image with permission from the Colorado Railroad Museum

​An Escape Room Adventure

Golden Puzzle Room