​An Escape Room Adventure

Golden Puzzle Room

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Common Theme

Clip, Back, Weight, Towel
Flower, Knob, Bunk, Spread
Craw, Pond, Gold, Jelly
Weight, Proposal, Balance, Offer
Ball, Bridge, Print, Rest
Cannon, Snow, Bearing, Grease
Dead, Fine, Blood, Dotted
Being, Spring, Spoken, Wishing
Yard, Car, Certificate, Market
Sugar, Fall, Duty, Will

Final Answer:

The words in the left column can be combined with another word to make common words or phrases.  For example, Car, Spring, Shoe can all be combined with the word BOX. Write the common word on the right.  Fill in the letters at the bottom to find one last grouping.  The final answer can be used as a promo code for 10% off a puzzle room experience.  The Code is valid until Nov 1st, 2019.