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Aunt Betty loves to make her special apple dessert for Thanksgiving.  She has found that if she adds the 6 ingredients (Cinnamon, Eggs, Flour, Nutmeg, Orange Juice, Sugar) to the apples in just the right order that it comes out perfectly.  Can you determine from the clues below what order the ingredients should go in?  Once you determine the order, take the first letter from the first ingredient, the second letter from the second ingredient and so on.  Unscramble the letters to find the final secret ingredient.  The secret ingredient can be used as a promo code for 10% off a puzzle room experience.  The code is valid until December 1, 2019.

Aunt Betty's Apple Dessert

  • Sugar and cinnamon are added sometime before orange juice.
  • It is important to add sugar before flour.
  • One of the spices is added last.
  • The first ingredient is not a dry ingredient.
  • Flour comes just before nutmeg.
  • You don’t add sugar just after eggs.
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