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The Golden Puzzle Room and the School of Mines McBride Honors Program invite you to attend the first annual Mines Benders puzzle solving competition. Teams of four people will spend the afternoon solving mind-bending puzzles and physical challenges in order to find stamps hidden across the campus to collect in their passports. The teams with the most stamps at the end of the day will win fabulous cash and prizes. Mines Benders is open to everyone who loves solving puzzles. Registration is free but limited to the first 50 teams, so gather your friends, family or team of co-workers and sign up today.

$$$ Cash prizes for winners! $$$

Sunday September 29  1 - 4:30PM Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO


A:Mines Benders” is a puzzle solving competition that is part puzzle solving, part physical challenge, part scavenger hunt and part foot race. It is based on the famous “Puzzle Safari” competition held every year at Microsoft headquarters and will include many of the same puzzles designed and used by the Microsoft employees. It is presented by the Golden Puzzle Room and hosted by Colorado School of Mines McBride Honors Program.

A: Sunday September 29, 2019 from 1-4:30pm on the Colorado School of Mines campus in Golden

A: Mines Benders is open to everyone. Kids under 12 are not recommended because the event is too advanced for most children. If you still want to bring a young person, you must register them as an adult.

A:The cost is completely free; just register your team here.

A: Each team can have 3 or 4 of your friends, family or co-workers.

A: Yes, fabulous cash and prizes will be given to the winning teams.

A: The theme this year is “Construction” and many (but not all) of the puzzles have something to do with construction terminology and tools. “101” is a playful reference to a college-level class, since the event is being held on a college campus.

A: You will need to bring internet connected devices (laptops, tablets or cell phones), pencils, eraser, scissors, Scotch tape and good walking/running shoes. Optional items include water bottles, other drinks & snacks, hat, sunglasses, additional scratch paper and walkie-talkies if you wish. Tables and chairs will be provided.

A: More parking details will be sent out as they are finalized but, in general parking is available for free on weekends in the city parking lots. The city streets are zoned 2 hours for downtown shoppers and the campus streets are zoned for students with permits but, weekends may be free. See these links for more details.



A: After orientation, your team will report to your “home base” to work on puzzles. Solving puzzles will reveal locations across the campus where you can obtain stamps for your logbook or tickets to enter physical challenges. One or more members of your team must race to find that stamp or challenge location. There are many puzzles and challenges, so you pick the ones you want to do. Each puzzle/challenge is worth a certain number of points. The teams with the most points win. The event is timed and your logbook must be turned in by the end of the competition or you risk disqualification.

A: It will take place both indoors and outdoors, so dress appropriately. The event will take place rain or shine but, some challenges may have to be moved indoors if the weather is bad.

A: Oh yes, the internet will be very helpful.

A: No, only walking or running is allowed (unless you require a wheelchair, that’s permitted)

A: No, you are responsible for getting your own food.

A: After returning your logbooks and while the results are being calculated, you will be able to see the answers to all of the puzzles. You can then rate each one with a yes/no vote on whether you liked the puzzle or not. When the results are ready the winners will be announced and the prizes awarded.

A: Send your questions to minesbenders@gmail.com.