​An Escape Room Adventure

Golden Puzzle Room

​860 Tabor St. Suite 210     Lakewood, CO     (303) 396-7359

One Team    •    One Goal    •    60 Minutes

Do you like solving puzzles? Are you good at finding hidden things? Are you new to escape rooms? If so, the Golden Puzzle Sleuths need you! Your first assignment awaits you at Clubhouse Headquarters. So assemble your team, activate your brain and head on down.
Good for kids, families or adults wanting a beginner-level experience.

First Mission is Now Open!

We have partnered with 6 other escape/puzzle rooms in the Denver area to present you the Mile High Escape Room Challenge. Visit all 7 locations to win a prize!

Business Card Puzzle
Escape Room Challenge Map
Escape Game Card
International Association of Escape Games

Located west of Denver, The Golden Puzzle Room,  is a small group, escape room adventure game.  You and your friends, family or co-workers have 60 minutes to search the room for clues and solve puzzles in order to reach the ultimate  goal. Keen perception and good communication skills are the keys to success and loads of fun!